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Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make – and the right mortgage can save you thousands 

A smart mortgage is not just about lower interest rates – it’s about finding the right  structure for your situation, so you can have a mortgage that is low cost, flexible and provides protection from interest rate rises. 

Whether you want a great deal on a new mortgage, or to refinance your existing loan and shave years off your debt, we can help. As an Auckland mortgage broker team, we’ll guide you through the New Zealand mortgage and house buying process, and negotiate with lenders to get the best loan for you.

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Mortgage FAQs

Start talking to us to learn about what you can borrow, when you can borrow it, and what actions you should take now to make your application look better to the lenders later.

Yes, it is possible. You can apply for an Overseas Investment Office exemption at a cost of approximately $2,000. We can guide you through this.

It’s hard to say but if you talk to us about your situation we can advise you in minutes on what you can afford to borrow.

No this is not considered an income to be taxed in New Zealand, but you may have to pay capital gains tax in the UK.

Yes it does with most banks but it will be scaled down in the calculation and UK expenses would be calculated also.

There is no stamp duty, but you will likely have solicitors’ costs of approx $1,200 plus GST (15%). However, the banks will pay you a cash contribution that recently has been around 0.6%-0.7% of the loan amount.

Mortgage brokers earn commission from the banks so there is no fee to clients.

Mortgage brokers are likely to get you a better deal, and will understand the banks that have the best credit policy for your situation. That’s important because every application or credit inquiry hurts your credit rating, so we need to pick out the best two banks and apply to them.  Good mortgage brokers will also advise you on how to reduce your mortgage and reduce the profit for the banks which will be your gain.

No, this is a myth and the truth is the credit card will count as a negative in your mortgage application.

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