You’ve dreamed about that laidback Kiwi lifestyle...
But you’re worried about money

You know your financial choices have the power to make or break your family’s future in New Zealand. But where do you start? Should you buy or rent? Can you even get a mortgage? And what should you do about your pension?

I’m Brett Sargent. I’m an authorised financial adviser and Auckland mortgage broker and insurance broker, and founder of Windsor Wealth. I know how stressful and confusing it can be, moving your family to a new country and trying to get your financial life back on track.

I spent most of my adult life in the UK and Europe. That’s where I bought my first home, built my career, met my wife and started a family.

In 2016 we decided to move to New Zealand so our two boys could enjoy that free range, barefoot Kiwi lifestyle. Even though I was born here, I found the financial landscape confusing. How do we get a New Zealand mortgage without a credit history? When should we transfer our UK pensions? And what on earth is KiwiSaver?

We hadn’t been here long before the financial pressure started building. From the new car to the fridge and washing machine, it felt like those one-off purchases were never going to end. The day I dropped $50 at the supermarket with hardly anything in my basket nearly sent us scrambling back to Heathrow.

Fast forward one year, and things looked very different

We love our neighbourhood, the boys are settled in school and life in New Zealand  feels pretty good. We might have burned our pale skin a little that first year, but we didn’t burn our life savings and our future here looks bright

Whether you’re thinking about moving to New Zealand, or you’ve been here a few years, we want to help you set your Kiwi life up – the right way

From buying a house, to choosing your KiwiSaver, sorting out your insurance, transferring your pension and investing for retirement, we will help you make great financial decisions so you can build a Kiwi life that’s even better than you dared to dream. 

Call me on 021 222 0700 to book a free initial chat and let’s get started.

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My Money Story

“So what qualifies you to tell me what to do with my money?

It’s a fair question, and one I believe new clients should ask more often.

I was 23 when I made a commitment to become financially free. For the next 17 years I worked in global finance at Shell, sacrificing a lot of short-term weekend fun to build a property portfolio in four countries, and make investments that matched my levels of debt.

Investing my own money taught me lessons I could never learn in a textbook – like how to control your emotions, how to avoid acting from greed or fear, and most importantly, how to be patient.

By the time I was 41, I’d built enough wealth that I no longer needed to work for my income. I began sharing my knowledge with others and even helped a friend rearrange her finances so she could leave a toxic work situation and retire early. Once I felt the power of helping others make great financial decisions it was all I wanted to do.

I’m driven to help you make great money choices so you can live a life you hardly dare to dream about. Whether you want to build a safety net for your loved ones, set aside money for travel, help your kids get onto the property ladder or retire richer than your boss, together, we’ll make a plan that could change your life.

We overestimate what we can do in one year, but we underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years (and really have no idea what we can accomplish in 20 years).

Call me on 021 222 0700 to book a free initial chat and let’s get started.