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British expats and Kiwi families in New Zealand
Brett Sargent - Auckland Mortgage Broker and Finance Expert
Brett Sargent
Founder - Windsor Wealth

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We help you make smart money choices so you can set your new Kiwi life up for success.

At Windsor Wealth Management & Financial Planning we take the financial hassle out of immigrating and building your new life in New Zealand.

From negotiating your mortgage, to arranging insurance, transferring your UK pension and investing for your retirement, we’ll guide you through the local financial landscape so you can feel confident that you’re making the right choices for your family.

We want to help you find smart and easy answers to all your money questions, so you can build a New Zealand life that’s better than you ever dreamed possible.

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Meet Brett

Brett Sargent - Auckland Mortgage Broker and Finance Expert

I’m Brett Sargent. I’m an authorised financial adviser and Auckland mortgage broker, and the founder of Windsor Wealth.

I know how stressful and confusing it can be, moving your family to a new country. I want to make your financial journey as easy as possible and help you set your family up for a great life in New Zealand.

My advice is straight-forward, independent and tailored to your situation. I don’t use jargon or rely on textbooks. I draw on my 20-year career in global finance, as well as my personal experiences in creating financial freedom through smart investment strategies, and moving our family to New Zealand.